Do you want to Make More, Save More, and Give More in 2024?

Join Us At The 3-Hour Kingdom Wealth Masterclass
Thursday, February 15th at 12pm PT

Learn 3 Days Of Kingdom Wealth Secrets In 3 Hours:

  • Break free from poverty mindsets that you may not even realize you have
  • ​Dramatically change the trajectory of your financial future
  • Confront the #1 lie that you have been told by the financial industry
  • ​Create more income, prosperity, impact and influence
  • ​Put your money to work for you and learn to multiply what you have
  • Leverage your existing resources to create generational wealth

If you are truly ready to shift your finances and align them with Kingdom Wealth principles, then show up Tuesday and meet with me on zoom for the LIVE Kingdom Wealth Masterclass

Here’s What Attendees Said About The Most Recent Kingdom Wealth Workshop

This Kingdom Wealth Masterclass is for you if you:

  • Are eager to align your financial strategies with biblical principles and Kingdom values.
  • Seek to integrate faith into your financial decisions and business practices.
  • Feel stuck in traditional financial planning models and are looking for a faith-based approach to wealth creation and management.
  • Want to break free from financial myths and misconceptions commonly taught in the church.
  • Are passionate about using your financial resources for Kingdom purposes, such as generosity and stewardship.
  • Are curious about how to apply biblical wisdom to modern investment strategies in the stock market and real estate.
  • Seek a deeper understanding of what the Bible says about debt, wealth, and prosperity.
  • Feel called to a higher standard of financial living and Kingdom entrepreneurship.
  • Desire to build and leave a legacy of wealth that aligns with Kingdom principles for future generations.

If even just one of those statements resonates with you, then  join us in the Kingdom Wealth Masterclass.

Who This Is Definitely
Not For:

  • Those who are content with traditional financial strategies and are not open to integrating biblical principles into their wealth management.
  • Individuals who prefer secular approaches to wealth creation and are not interested in exploring how faith can influence financial success.
  • Anyone not ready to challenge the status quo of their financial understanding or unwilling to embrace new, Kingdom-centered perspectives on wealth.
  • People who are looking for quick fixes or get-rich-quick schemes, rather than a holistic, faith-based approach to long-term financial well-being and prosperity.

If any of those explain you, then please close this page and do not join us for the Kingdom Wealth Masterclass.

To My Kingdom-Minded Friends,

If you’ve ever felt a disconnect between your financial goals and the teachings of the Church, like you're walking a tightrope between worldly success and spiritual fulfillment… well, my friends, you're not the only one.

So many Kingdom-minded folks have been there, including myself, struggling to reconcile our desire for financial prosperity with our Kingdom values.

This struggle often leads to a feeling of being lost, of missing out on the true wealth that aligns with our faith. It's not just about the money left on the table; it's about the spiritual unrest, the nagging doubt that maybe we're not walking the path God intended for us. The pain of unrealized potential, both financially and spiritually, can be a heavy burden.

That's where the Kingdom Wealth Masterclass comes into play. I have put together this 3-day virtual event to be more than just a financial seminar.

The Kingdom Wealth Masterclass is going to be a deep dive into the heart of Kingdom principles as they apply to wealth creation, protection, and multiplication.
We're going beyond the surface-level discussions about money and diving deep into what the Word of God truly says about wealth.

You'll learn why traditional financial planning doesn't align with Kingdom values and how it might even lead to failure. But more importantly, you'll discover the alternative – a way to prosper that's grounded in the Word of God.

We'll expose the #1 lie of the enemy that keeps believers in a state of lack and reveal the Kingdom keys to thriving financially.

The masterclass isn't just about theory; it's about practical, actionable strategies. You'll learn how to see unbelievable results in the stock market, not by following the herd but by applying Kingdom principles.

We'll explore how to create wealth with real estate, from single-family homes to apartments and mobile home parks. And for the entrepreneurs among us, I'll share my proprietary framework for prospering in business, God's way.

But, what if you don't take this step?
What if you let this opportunity pass you by?

The cost isn't just measured in dollars and cents; it's a matter of spiritual and financial stagnation. You could continue down the same uncertain path, wrestling with the same doubts and fears, and missing out on the abundant life that God promises.

Or, you could join me and thousands of others in the LIVE Kingdom Wealth Masterclass encore, coming up on February 13th at 8am PT.

I urge you not to let this chance slip through your fingers.

The Kingdom Wealth Masterclass is not just a recap; it's a gateway to a life where your financial success and spiritual journey are not just aligned but powerfully integrated.

Here’s What Attendees Said About Past Kingdom Wealth Workshops

Alright, my friends,
the choice is yours.

Are you going to stay stuck in the same old financial patterns, missing out on the wealth that aligns with Kingdom principles, or are you ready to step into a transformative journey that could change your life?

Join us at the Kingdom Wealth Masterclass, where we seek to apply the wisdom of God to our finances. Click the button below to secure your spot now and start your journey towards a financially abundant life, God's way.

I hope to see you there with me,
Pedro Adao
8 Figure Kingdom Entrepreneur
Founder of The 100X Academy
Creator of The 31 Day Wisdom Challenge

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